Mad&Women Agency - Paris




The latest Eurostat figures have just went : the income gap between French women and French men
still stands at 15.2%, down 0.5% compared to 2011. At this rate, equal pay will be effective in 2168.


Of course, Mad&Women does not intend to wait until the 22nd century to act. Evidence to support it! What does 15.2% wage gap mean?

In concrete terms: that women start working for free from 6 November at 15:35 and about 5 seconds.


As a result, Mad&Women is mobilizing again this year!








Mad&Women joins the movement #6November15h35 for equal pay with 3 strings to her bow:


An exclusive IFOP survey in partnership with « Les Glorieuses » to find out what the French think about this persistent injustice.


A campaign to fight wage discrimination through a resolutely militant communication signed
« Sexism and wages have never been a good match », all in posters, press and digital.


A forum written by Christelle Delarue and co-signed by twenty women entrepreneurs to call for mobilization and support « Les Effronté-e-s » and the elected EELV Julien Bayou in their recent appeal in cassation. They are effectively asking the State to advertise the black list of companies that do not comply with current equal pay standards, and we can help them by signing their petition